09 SEP, 2020

Technology vs Real Estate Investments for EB-5

Learn more about why technology companies offer a much better job creation opportunity and a much higher overall value return potential when compared to real estate projects from the perspective of EB-5 investments.

03 SEP, 2020

Selecting a Technology Company for Your EB-5 Investment

How do you evaluate a good tech company to invest in? How do you ‘kick the tires’ to select a good investment that ensures the safety and return of your capital along with the promised return on investment and achieve the immigration target.

24 AUG, 2020

What Makes PropMix an Ideal EB-5 Investment Opportunity

When asked what made them invest in PropMix, our investors shared multiple compelling reasons including the key aspects of the business and the unique investment model. Learn more about these aspects as well as the rapid pace of growth and loan to equity conversion options.

23 JUL, 2020

Successful EB-5 Expedited Case Processing

USCIS Regulations state that expediting a benefit request may be considered if it meets one or more of the following criteria: Severe financial loss to a company or person, urgent humanitarian reasons, a compelling U.S. Government interests, or clear USCIS error.

11 MAY, 2020

Regional Centers And Projects Impact & Insight On COVID-19

As some states begin to ease or even eliminate the restrictions placed on businesses in the hopes that their economies will soon recover, investors are left anxiously wondering how projects are faring.

16 OCT, 2019

Last-Minute Tips For EB-5 Investors

As the November 21 deadline looms closer, EB-5 investors are finding that supply is running out. By the time their source of funds is ready, the investor’s first, second and even third choice projects have filled up! But it’s not time to panic yet.